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Any info on a Nintendo power nes to famicom converter?


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I don't understand your misleading topic, NIntendo Power? (Nevermind I see it in the plastic, amusing, pirate trickery...arrr!)

And that there, it's a common and very useful Famicom (goes in top) to NES converter.  RIght now, you have an annoyingly ripped ribbon, that's used to pull the game back out of the stock standard NES console.  YOu could easily get a dollar of ribbon at some local craft shop in the same thickness and width, unscrew the thing (as you did for the pics) and pop a new one in there easy enough.

Years ago I ended up getting a couple of wretchedly poor listings from the same person on ebay that had a pair of honeybees and some nice pirate carts.  Foochie on here knew of it as we talked, I sent him one, I kept the other.  He took the one that didn't have a good ribbon, so seeing I had some spare, I cut one to the right length and put it in there, and shipped it out.  I wouldn't be surprised if he still had it.  These things are basic and cheapo run off as they are, are useful and reliable.  Now go find some cheap Famicom multicart and have fun.

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