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Harrison Sound Engine for NES


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Hello! It's been some time since I've posted something homebrew related here, well now I'm here to show off a sound engine I've been working on and written by scratch for months called "Harrison".

Some of you may know that I've used a sound engine for the 2020 Holiday Chiptune Contest as a bonus ROM file, It was made with an earlier revision of that engine, which I've actually discovered a bug while converting that song to the engine, that's now since been fixed in this new revision. 😅

I've since then made three, original sample tracks and sound effects for the engine and made a demo ROM out of it.

I'm now looking for the engine to be used in projects from mine, or other NES homebrew programmers, I've done sound on NES with other sound engines and worked with developers like FG Software and Second Dimension for games such as Family Picross, Eyra the Crow Maiden and others.

If you liked what you've heard in the demo, and is interested in hiring a musician for your game, whether with Harrison or other sound engines, feel free to get in touch.

You can check out the demo ROM here:



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