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Genesis CIBs For Sale! Variety, RPGs, Mid Rares, Etc.


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Clearing out some extra CIB odds and ends, prices are shipped in the USA with order of $50 or more please.  Shipping is an extra $15 to Canada.  Let me know if anything catches your eye, thanks!

Title Box Man Cart Extras  Price 
Altered Beast G EX EX                25
Batman VG G VG Reg Card            105
Budokan Acptble EX VG                20
Fatal Fury EX VG EX                35
Fatal Fury 2 VG ---- EX                30
Ghouls N Ghosts VG G G                85
Golden Axe G G VG                40
Insector X G G VG                50
McDonald's Treasure Island Acptble G G              130
Michael Jackson Moonwalker G G EX              130
Mortal Kombat VG Acptble EX                25
Mystic Defender VG G EX                40
Phantasy Star III VG VG VG Hint Book Offer / Poster              80
Revenge of Shinobi G  VG VG                75
Shining Force VG G VG              100
Shining Force II EX EX EX              180
Shining in the Darkness G ---- VG                30
Shining in the Darkness VG G EX                50
Shinobi 3 VG VG EX                70
Sonic 3 VG VG EX                50
Super Hydlide VG ---- EX                20


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