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I got a Puzz Loop 2 I'm definitely getting rid of some time, but with the righ trade (such as Battle Circuit or SSF2X) I might give up my Alien vs Predator and/or Tower of Doom.

Trading to the US is probably gonna be a customs nightmare though 😞 

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At the moment, my top priority would be SSFII Turbo as that is the cabinet I just picked up to restore, but had a marvel vs capcom board installed, which I will be willing to trade as well.
Alien vs Predator would be my second pick. What would you want for it?

I’ve also got an extra copy of Windjammers for Neo Geo MVS, WWF Wrestlefest, SNK’s Guerrilla War, Ms. Pacman/Galaga Class of 1981 JAMMA

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