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Those crazy work days


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Throughout our lives, I'm sure we've all had some crazy work stories at some of our jobs over the years. I have quite a few, I'll share one tonight, and others later if the thread turns out to be a hit.

Our story starts out about a year ago at the preschool where I work. Twice a week, I'd have to teach a class of five-year old students English for half an hour each time. The classroom had a local teacher There, as well as an assistant; both would generally stay there while I taught the class, unless they had something else that needed to be done.

There was always a pungent odor coming from the classroom making me dread going in there to teach. 

One day, I during my lesson, I saw a different teacher enter the classroom. The assistant grabbed a bag and they headed into the bathroom together, closing and locking the door. The smell started becoming really strong, and I just kept teaching. At one point one of the little kids asked to go to the bathroom, I looked at the locked door, and then to the main teacher, before the main teacher grabbed the kid and took her to potty elsewhere.

Eventually, the other two teachers emerge from the bathroom, with the latter one (who isn't responsible for this class) being all relaxed, skin looking really oily and shiny. Turns out that the assistant teacher had been making extra $$$ on the side, giving other female teachers massages or perhaps even something else, in the classroom bathroom!

Now to me, this didn't seem to be particularly appropriate, so I discussed it with another colleague who had actually witnessed the assistant teacher giving a tot a neck / shoulder massage, using the oils. 

We brought up the whole thing to the manager at the next meeting, and her response was "Oh, okay I'll tell XYZ teacher to try to be more private where she does that at". And that was the end of the discussion.

For what it's worth, the practice is still happening to this day there.




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