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WTB CIB Genesis titles and some manuals

Kain Highwind

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All games preferred in good condition. Focusing on the Sega games listed at the moment. 


  • Landstalker (cib)
  • Shining Force II
  • Phantasy Star I/II/III/IV (cib)


  • Demon's Crest (cib)
  • Evo (cib)
  • Pocky and Rocky (cib)
  • Super Star Wars/Empire/RotJ (cib)
  • Castlevania NES (cib)
  • Metroid NES (cib)
  • Magic Sword (manual)
  • 7th Saga (map)
  • FInal Fantasy II (map)
  • Final Fantasy III (MOG poster insert)
  • Earthbound (box/guide)
  • Uncharted Waters (manual/map?)


Paying competitive prices for any of the above items. Please send me a PM.

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