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the legend of Zelda: four swords (gba) 4P group for final dungeon wanted


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Edit: Learned that GBA network emulators don't seem to work online. No longer possible so I am not looking for this anymore.


I recently dumped my original cart save of the GBA game, and want to finish what I started on it 20 years ago. Group of friends and I beat the game on every difficulty but hero difficulty; We had all three keys, but we never got far enough through the final dungeon. Too many ways to kill ourselves accidentally and run out of rupees.


What I want is to beat the final hero dungeon. We would play on a netplay-enabled GBA emulator (whatever works, I don't know much recent stuff anymore). If you don't have a save of your own, then we can break into it by beating the game at the first two difficulty settings. I'm fine spacing this over several months; the big challenge will be finding several hours of uninterrupted time for the final dungeon (which is as long as four dungeons combined on hero mode). I think we can do it however.

I have various voice chat options available for comms. We can use whatever works for people. Reply if interested and once I get 3 people, I will PM you all about scheduling info.

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