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Aero Fighters and Hagane Back Label Stamps


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So I’m in the market to knock out the last couple heavies I want for the SNES. I just want to make sure they’re fully legitimate. 

Seems sellers think nothing of swapping backs these days. Definitely makes me a bit apprehensive about buying games these days 😕 

So I know plenty of the “old timers” from NA are here. Just wanted someone to let me know what the back label stamps are for legitimate copies of these two games are. 

Also If you have a copy of either you’d consider selling shoot me a PM. I’m sure we could work a deal. Don’t mind paying fairly, just want them in nice shape and 100% authentic. 

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I hate to be blunt but you're asking too much.  Good luck because no one ever at NA I believe let alone other hardcore collector sites ever figured out the stamp codes, how they worked, where they generated from, date periods, or the rest.  The most you could ever hope for would be to have a back with the information sticker on the back being release year period correct and that potentially is a stretch as there's like 3 maybe 4 variations of that.

As long as your board, sticker front, etc you got are correct that's about as real as you'll ever hope to get without cracking open a new one or buying from some you personally know (or someone who knew someone) who had it since day one retail and never messed with it, and that's still a trust over fact issue.

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