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Question on factory seals (console)


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Hi all. I'm just now starting to get some of my collection graded but had a question on two consoles. I have a brand new Dreamcast and a brand new SNES (New-Style SNS-101). Both are North America versions. Neither one of them have seals on the box but I wanted to know if that was normal for those releases? I don't ever remember opening them but wanted to ask here to make sure. I just don't want to send them in and have VGA disqualify them because there is no seal when there should of been. Here are photos of the models I have. These pics aren't actual photos of my consoles but they're the same model/box as mine. Thanks for any help.



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They will remove the console and put a stone of the same weight inside, then they will grade it with a random number from 8 to 10 using a dice with three sides.

More seriously, how can someone grade a console? Once they open the box, there will be a mark, so it won't be new anymore. And if they don't open the box, they will never know. And do they disassemble a console to find any traces of use and dirt on the inside of switches and buttons? Do they accept fingermarks on the paper materials? Yellowing on the styrofoam? So many important questions today.

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