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1981 Donkey Kong, Lady Pauline, Jumpman (Mario) Japanese Menko Card


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1 hour ago, Tyree_Cooper said:

there are many menko cards with nintendo artworks on them

i have a large 15 cm menko card with mario bros. 1983 on it, nobody would give me even 5 $ for it

they are all cheap to my knowledge, maybe there are specific ones that are rare and sought after, this i don't know

This is true. These things are like POGs of Japan, were made of cheap thin cardboard, massively produced and diverse.

I stumbled upon some really cool ones once and looked into them. The Americas and Europe are where most collectors are, and there is barely a market for these.

But, that doesn't mean they aren't cool and worth collecting. I like that early, 1984-86 Mario art style and these cards are a good way to get cheap graphics from that time.

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