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Wata graded games for sale/trade


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Got a few extras to move along if anyone is interested.  Down to sell or trade, I'm into all sorts of stuff but minty NES/N64/Turbografx cib's are always interesting.  A few specific things I'm looking for are....  a cib of Bomberman Second Attack, cib of Giga Wing 2, as well as a sealed copy of Dungeon Explorer for the turbografx and Rondo of Blood for the pce but don't be afraid to send me your lists.  I'd also be willing to buy those if you have no interest in trading.

These are the rough values I have for these.  Have no clue about Gotcha Force as the only comp I'm aware of is a 9.6 A+ that sold for $4000 a month ago on facebook.  But one sale does not a market make.  Feel pretty good about the other ones but I'm open to discuss it.  

Gotcha Force  9.8 A+  SOLD

Mega Man 64  9.0 A+ SOLD

Lone Ranger  9.2 B+  SOLD

Blast Corps  7.5 A  $500

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