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Almost exactly 30 years ago, the Rodney King incident (and my wife was actually in LA during the riots!)


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Okay so I'm a bit late but 30 years ago on March 3, 1991, one of the most infamous incidents of police brutality and later riot in US history occurred when LA officers were caught on tape (remember this was loooooong before YouTube/social media/internet/etc) mercilessly beating Rodney King with their clubs with Rodney seemingly in hardly any position to do anything about it.  Surprisingly (at least to 12 year old me at the time) a little over a year later the officers were acquitted in their trial (I mean I didn't get it, the tape clearly showed the officers continuing to beat him for no apparent reason).  And believe it or not, my wife (she's a few years older than me obviously) was in LA at the time of the riots!  Luckily she was smart and didn't venture out (like we're supposed to do today during the virus thing as much as we can) into any danger.  

The above wiki link will give you the jist of this story...were any of you of age when this occurred?  What did you think of all this?

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