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WTB NES and SNES Game Bundles


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Trying to bolster my NES and SNES collections. Looking for $1-$5 games ideally. The way I see it, there are still a lot of inexpensive games I don't own but I don't want to buy them from eBay for $1, then pay $5 for shipping when the game is only worth $3 anyway. Condition doesn't bother me too much, just as long as the label is present and the game works. I'll upgrade to better condition someday, but right now I'm just trying to get closer to completing my collections. I used to get these at conventions, but Covid has stopped the conventions. Maybe you have a bunch of these that you're trying to unload too? Hoping to get big bundles to make the shipping worth it. Would also be interested in boxes and manuals as well and understand they will not likely be as cheap, so let me know what you got. Thanks for the help on my collections!

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