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WTB: Loose NES Games


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Time to buckle down and try to complete my set of licensed NES games (minus Stadium Events) as well as Tengen games.  I’ve listed the games I am looking for below.  Loose is preferred, but willing to consider boxes and manuals as long as the price is right.  All games should be working, clean with no label issues (tears, peels, etc) and preferably no marker or stickers that can’t be easily removed.  They don’t need to be ‘mint’, but they need to present well.  I would like to see pics of the front, back and top spine of any games we are discussing and would greatly appreciate any potential concerns on the condition be pointed out.  Also hoping to buy in bulk!


As for me - I’ve had trades here, a few on NA, a few from reddit and various other spots.  I can provide references/links if needed.  PayPal is my preferred payment method.  PM me to kick off a conversation.


Onto the list!


A Nightmare on Elm Street

Addams Family

Addams Family: Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt

Advanced Dungeon's and Dragon's: Dragonstrike

Advanced Dungeon's and Dragon's: Heroes of the Lance

Advanced Dungeon's and Dragon's: Hillsfar

Adventures of Dino Riki

Adventures of Lolo II

Adventures of Lolo III

Adventures of Rad Gravity

Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends

Alien 3

Alien Syndrome (Tengen)

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

Bandit King's of Ancient China

Baseball Stars II

Bases Loaded IV


Best of the Best: Championship Karate

Blades of Steel (red classic label)

Blades of Steel (round seal)

Blue Marlin

Bomberman II

Bonk's Adventure

Boulder Dash

Break Time: The National Pool Tour

Bucky Ohare

Captain America and the Avengers

Casino Kid 2


Championship Pool

Circus Caper


Color a Dinosaur

Conan: The Mysteries of Time

Cool World


Darkwing Duck

Die Hard

Digger T. Rock: Legend of the Lost City

Dirty Harry: The War Against Drugs

Dragon Fighter

Dragon's Lair

Dusty Diamond's All-Star Softball

F-117A Stealth Fighter

Faria: A World of Mystery and Danger

Felix the Cat

Fire N Ice

Fisher Price: Perfect Fit

Flight of the Intruder

Flintstones II: The Surprise at Dinosaur Peak

Flying Warrior's

Formula 1: Built to Win

Fun House

Galaxy 5000

Gargoyles Quest II


George Foreman's KO Boxing

Gilligan’s Island

Goal! Two

Godzilla : Monster of Monsters

Godzilla 2 : War of the Monsters

Golf Grand Slam

Great Waldo Search

Greg Norman's Golf Power

Gremlins 2: The New Batch

Guerilla War



Ikari Warriors III: The Rescue

Incredible Crash Dummies

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Taito)

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (Tengen)

Isolated Warrior

Jackie Chans Action Kung Fu

Jimmy Connors Pro Tennis Tour

Joe and Mac

Kabuki: Quantum Fighter

Karate Champ (round seal)

Kick Master

Kid Icarus (5 Screw)

Kid Klown in Night Mayor World

Kid Kool : Quest for the Seven Wonder Herbs

King's Quest V


Krusty's Funhouse

Kung Fu (5 Screw)

L’ empereur

Last Action Hero

Last Ninja

Legend's of the Daimond

Legend of Zelda (gray)

Legend of Zelda (5 Screw)


Little Ninja Brothers

Little Samson



Mario Bros. (5 Screw)

Mario's Time Machine

Mechanized Attack

Mendel Palace

Metroid (5 Screw)

Mickey's Adventures in Numberland

Mickey's Safari in Letterland

Might & Magic: Secret of the Inner Sanctum

Mighty Final Fight

Miracle Piano

Monster in My Pocket

Monster Truck Rally

Motor City Patrol

Ms. Pac Man (Tengen)

Mutant Virus

Nigel Mansell’s World Championship Racing

Ninja Crusader

Nobunagas Ambition II


Panic Restaurant

Pinball (5 Screw)


Power Blade 2

Power Punch II

Prince of Persia

Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom

Pro Sport Hockey

Puss N Boot's: Peros Great Adventure


R.C. Pro-Am (round seal)

R.C. Pro-Am II

Race America

Rad Racer (5 Screw)

Rally Bike

Robocop 3

Rollerblade Racer

Romance of the Three Kingdom's II

S.C.A.T.:Special Cybernetic Attack Team

Shadow of the Ninja

Shooting Range

Simpsons: Bartman Meets Radioactive Man

Smash T.V.

Snow Brother's

Sqoon (5 screw only)

Stanley and the Search for Dr. Livingston

Star Trek 25th Anniversary

Street Cop

Super Sprint (Tengen)

Super Spy Hunter


Swamp Thing

T & C 2 Thirlla’s Surfari

Tecmo Bowl (round seal)

Tecmo Cup Soccer Game

Terra Cresta


Tetris (Tengen)

The Blue's Brothers

Tiny Toon Adventures 2: Trouble in Wackyland

Tiny Toon Adventures Cartoon Workshop

Tom and Jerry

Toxic Crusaders

Treasure Master

Ultima: Quest of the Avatar

Ultima: Warrior's of Destiny

Ultimate Basketball

Uncharted Water's


Untouchables (Black label)

Wacky Races

Wario's Wood's

Wayne's World

Werewolf: The Last Warrior

Whomp Em

World Champ

Wurm: Journey to the Center of the Earth

WWF King of the Ring


Zen: Intergalactic Ninja

Zombie Nation




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