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  • The title was changed to WTB: WWF No Mercy NUS-NW4E USA-1

Well you see… my brain is broken.


Me: *2017* Finished the full loose NTSC N64 set!

My brain: That's cool. 

Me: Yup, all 296 games. I still have my childhood copy of Ocarina of Time.

My brain: Didn't that come in gold tho too? The gold one is pretty cool.

Me: Yeah, I've always wanted the gold cart, I should go buy one.

My brain: You know, Majora's mask has a lenticular label, you don't have that.

Me: it's just a label, it's the same game.

My brain: Speaking of labels, isn't there a Million Seller subset of games?

Me: Yes; most have minor game updates as well.

My brain: You need all of those.

Me: About tha-

My brain: And I see there's a gray variant subset

Me: Half those games are the same as the colored counterparts, it's just a different shell color

My brain: Well, better find those.

Me: …

My brain: oOoOO! Look NFR games!

Me: Again, only a handful are actually different than the retail release. It's the same gam-

My brain: Yep, buy those. Buy, buy, buy. Labels are different so, they're different.

Me: How are we defining "different" vs "variant" vs "same game with a new label code"?

My brain: Mmmm, label codes. Yes. These. All of them. You need all of them. USA-1 is different that USA.

Me: Even if the game itself has had no change, except for external text on the label? Like due to the change in an ESRB logo or rating,

My brain: Yup. Find them. 

Me: Alright, well at least I'm only chasing carts and NOT boxes and manuals.

My brain: Did you just say boxes?! 



TLDR: My brain is broken.



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Ah, you're looking for it cuz you want the variants 😛 That's different.  Usually people want the -1 for play reasons, which never made sense to me for the aforementioned reasons.  And don't worry, my brain is broken too...I don't go for variants, I just go for every game I can get my hands on, don't matter the console 😛

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