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WTB sealed nes/snes/n64

Jim Jimmer

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Hi all,

I’m trying to rebuild my childhood one game at a time.  Here is my want list as of right now. PM me if you have some stuff and want to work out a deal. It can be raw or graded but I prefer them mint/nr mint. I will also look at some other games not on the pictures (list below)... Thanks!







Biker Mice from Mars


Castlevania dracula x


Chrono trigger


Contra 3








Final Fight


Final Fight 2


Final Fight 3




Killer instinct


King of Dragons


Knights of the Round


Legend of the mystical Ninja


Magic Sword


Mega Man Soccer


Mega Man x


Mega Man x2


Mega Man x3


Ninja Warriors




Rock n Roll Racing


Secret of Mana


SMW2 Yoshi's island


Spike McFang


super castlevania 4


Super double dragon


Super mario RPG


Super mario World


Super Metroid


Super Smash TV


Super turrican


Super turrican 2


Top Gear


Top Gear 2


Top Gear 3000


Turtles in time


Wild Guns


Zelda - Link to the past








Blast Corps


Command and Conquer


Conker's Bad fur day


Diddy Kong Racing


Donkey Kong 64


Doom 64


F-zero X


Goemon Great adventure




Harvest Moon 64


Hybrid Heaven


Jet force Gemini


Killer instinct Gold


Mario Golf


Mario kart 64


Mario Party


Mischief Makers


Mystical Ninja


NBA Hangtime


Ogre Battle 64


Paper Mario


Perfect Dark


Star wars Battle for Naboo


Star wars episode 1 racer


Star wars Rogue Squadron


Star wars Shadow of the empire


Starcraft 64


Starfox 64


Super mario 64


super smash bros


Zelda Majora's mask (collector's)


Zelda Ocarina of Time (collector's)



Adventure island
adventure island 3


Bubble bobble
Bucky o`hare


Castlevania 1


Castlevania 2


Castlevania 3




Journey to Silius


Mega Man


Mega Man 2


Mega Man 3


Mega Man 4


Mega Man 5


Mega Man 6


Ninja Gaiden


Ninja Gaiden 2


Ninja Gaiden 3


Ninja turtle


Ninja turtle 2 arcade game


Ninja turtle 3 Manhattan project
rainbow islands

river city ransom


Super C




Zelda 2





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