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Any members near or local to Edmonton, Alberta?


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Title says it all.  Wondering if there are any members who are nearby or local to the Edmonton, Alberta area who would be willing to help me out.  Having been awash in nostalgia after receiving new versions of a couple of favorite long-lost toddlerhood toys this Christmas, I started searching around to see if I could come up with the last one that I remembered clearly but hadn't ever been able to track down.  Well, this evening, I actually managed to find the first one of these toys that I've ever seen since my original got lost while moving from one state to another when I was 5.  It was on Kijiji, but I went ahead and opened up an account and messaged the guy selling it, first to determine if it was still available, then to ask if he'd be willing to ship it (and plead for him to do so).  Yes it's available, but no, the guy stated that he absolutely won't ship.  Despite wanting this thing incredibly badly, I'm not willing to drive/fly/whatever 3-4K miles each way to pick it up.  According to the listing, the guy is only asking $5 CAD for it, so it's not a big ticket item, and eBay listings for toys of the same line aren't astronomical, even when sealed ($5-10 at best, even sealed, in most cases).  If anybody is able and willing to do me a solid here in going to pick this up and allowing me to pay you to ship it to me, please let me know, as I will be incredibly grateful to put this bit of long-lost childhood to rest.

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