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Solstice “Making of” player’s pak tape

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So I have had this making of tape with a poster advertising how to play the tape. I have read they sent this out to the first 5000 people who ordered the NES game. Though if there is supposed to be 5000 shouldn’t they be easier to find? I have only seen a couple online in the last few years. None of which had the poster. 
Does anyone have one of these or seen them more frequently then I have? Is it possible that they didn’t send out all 5000 and that was just a rumor? That possibly there is a box full of them in a storage unit somewhere?





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I have a couple of these, but I also have a massive Solstice-specific collection(https://www.facebook.com/StaffOfDemnos/photos/?ref=page_internal).

They're fairly rare. The making of video was part of the "Solstice Player's Pak" and came sealed along with some extras including stickers and "score cards" (like the ones you have pictured, but there were about 9 of them with various images) inside the video cassette box. They were available only by special order form, which could be found on a couple of magazine advertisements that started running just before it was released. 

Here's an image of the order form on the ad:  https://64.media.tumblr.com/3aa9f2b369276da65686e44e33056e1a/tumblr_p69sjwqKFb1rkrwaco1_500.jpg

They were shipped directly from CSG Imagesoft (even had the CSG Imagesoft logo on the cardboard box shipper they sent them in). I suspect no more than a couple hundred went out, and probably only a few dozen still exist. Complete sets or sealed sets are even rarer. It was in the genre of marketing materials, and folks tend to throw that stuff out over time. 

The poster you have pictured is actually the poster that came with the game in North America. It had nothing to do with the Player Kit. Both the game cover art and that poster were painted by Mike Winterbauer.

The Sony ad at the bottom of the poster (as well as the "player kit" push for the 8mm video) was because the CSG in "CSG Imagesoft" actually stood for the Japanese-based "CBS/Sony Group". A few other releases after Solstice and they changed the company name to Sony Imagesoft.

-- Justin, the Solstice guy

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