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  1. A lot of sealed Zelda games exist also...but people get them graded all the time. That comment just sounded like someone pushing up their glasses uninterested. Reacting to a sealed error game as if it’s a SMB/DH cart lol.
  2. I got this game from a guy that said his mom worked at the factory that distributed games. She brought home this sealed error copy of Max Payne where the cover art wasn’t included. Disc and manual are inside and seal is 100% correct. Should I get this graded?
  3. Lol I bought an old bank that was last remodeled in the early 60s.
  4. I have noticed an uptick in people not reading descriptions. Sometimes they don’t even get through the whole title before purchasing. I think it’s because COVID led a bunch of new users to sites like eBay because they just NEED to buy in order to survive. Had one item that said “Xbox ONE console ONLY - *BROKEN*” Then went into full details of what was wrong with it in the description. I received one message that asked if everything functioned properly. Then had 2 different buyers buy it then ask for a cancellation. Luckily no one asked for a return once it finally sold
  5. Thank you! I always wanted a white n64...so I finally just painted my own. Wish they offered it in that color because I think it’s a great look.
  6. I wish every question I had in life received such a complete answer. Thank you!
  7. Always wanted a place of my own so I could finally put up a console wall. I wanted all open shelving to keep stuff from getting too warm. Also shelves custom cut so there wasn’t too much wasted space. I made two extra shelves so I could add consoles in the future. Everything is run to switch boxes and hooked up on two surge protectors. So I can turn them off when I’m not using them to prevent any power draw unless I feel like gaming. Then I got the Nintendo section of shelving as they were closing my local Toys R Us. So I can keep all my games and controllers in there next to the recline
  8. So I have had this making of tape with a poster advertising how to play the tape. I have read they sent this out to the first 5000 people who ordered the NES game. Though if there is supposed to be 5000 shouldn’t they be easier to find? I have only seen a couple online in the last few years. None of which had the poster. Does anyone have one of these or seen them more frequently then I have? Is it possible that they didn’t send out all 5000 and that was just a rumor? That possibly there is a box full of them in a storage unit somewhere?
  9. Thank you for the information! I looked online and couldn’t find any ps3 discs that looked like this. I assume they were good about not letting copy’s getting out to the public.
  10. Idk why the disc has a working title, yet the title on the PS3 comes up with the correct title.
  11. I had also thought that maybe someone could have made the case later on. Maybe found it in a shell that had front cut out, or a strange label. So they put it in a new case and labeled it not knowing any better?
  12. I figured that, but didn’t want to get rid of it until a few collectors made me positive it was nothing important.
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