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WTB: 6 x Nintendo Store Display Pusher Tray (see pic for example)


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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for 6 units like the one shown in the picture below: black racetrack logo, slat wall/peg-hole hooks, 7" length (the versions without the hooks are 10" in length)

I currently have 10 and only need 6 more to finish my Gameboy display and I want to make sure they all match (there is a red racetrack logo version which is why I mention it). I've paid between $15-$25 a piece for the ones I have, pieced together from various sellers, so I'm offering $30/unit + shipping (shipping to US or Canada makes no difference to me, I use a box in the US when people don't want to ship here).

If you've got 'em and don't need 'em, please shoot me a message and I'm sure we can get a deal done. Thanks for looking!



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