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fo rgb moded nes works....sometimes.

docile tapeworm

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bought this from a user named monitor, off NA right before it went down.

it works...sometimes.                             sometimes it works for an hour       sometimes it works for ten minutes sometimes it works for 4 hours      sometimes it doesnt turn on             sometimes it works for 30 seconds sometimes when im playing it and it turns off and if you leave the power button on it will come back on.... for a random amount of time between two seconds and infinity.

i assume its not a tough fix for someone who knows.

i talked to the guy who sold it to me and sent it back for him to look at. he said he replaced some part, i cant remeber exactly i think it was a power converter or something?... anyway when i got it back it seemed to work good but the same problems came back.

just trying to wash my hands of it. seriously i just want this thing gone. the original cost plus shipping twice...ya 💸💸💸

ill put a pin conector and cart tray on it. other than that comes as is. no top shell. no cord. no controllers.

it has the pallet switch installed

and a multiport out









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