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Does anyone know how I can obtain my collection tracker from NintendoAge?  I've tried contacting the people from Go.Collect.com and they are unable to retrieve.  I was hoping that Dain was still active somewhere and could pull from a backup of the NAge database.  I'm trying to get the list of all the CIB repros & homebrews I purchased from the various creators.


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Administrator · Posted
2 minutes ago, Ryder4864 said:

I did try checking wayback machine if that's what you're getting at.  I wasn't able to find it.  Good thought though.

Yeah that was the intended path. Unfortunately if that doesn't work then your data is in the hands of GoCollect.

Did they respond when you reached out?

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GoCollect has been pretty responsive, but they said that unfortunately their development team isn't able to extract the data from the collection tracker. (strange since I thought they were buying it for the database).  I asked if they could make the old domain active (instead of the redirect) and they cannot.  😞

Guess my only option would be to see if Dain had a backup somewhere on one of the servers.  Its a long shot, but who knows.  Hope he's doing well.

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