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Photos Of Every Game I Own

Code Monkey

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My insurance company told me they would insure my entire collection as part of my home insurance but they also said it would help if I had photos of everything for condition. Over the last 6 months I've been taking photos of every game I own, inside and out to show condition so I thought I'd post them here if people want to see.

The specific set I'm going for is a complete, boxed, retail NES collection with all variants. I'm also doing the same for Atari 2600.

Here is my collection, the following posts will be one game at a time, in alphabetical order. If you can help me identify variants on my journey, please do.



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First game is 4-In-1 Retro Gamepak from Khan Games, made by Kevin Hanley just a few years ago. He was on of my favourite game developers and I bought just about everything he made up until I got into an argument with him about his abuse of the Kickstarter terms of service. Now I don't buy any of his games anymore.Too bad.

This one is simply a single cartridge set of a few of his previously released titles except I think the fishing game is a new addition.

There aren't any variants of this that I know of.



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Name: 8 Eyes


  • Oval seal box, cartridge and manual


  • Cartridge (NES-8E-USA)
  • Box (NES-8E-USA)
  • Manual (NES-8E-USA)
  • 8 Eyes Poster (TAX-8E-US)
  • Taxan Warranty/Registration Card (TAX-NES-US)
  • Nintendo Power Subscription Card (PMG-MW-USA)
  • Flat Black Dust Sleeve
  • Styrofoam
  • Baggie

I don't have mine complete yet.




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Name: 10 Yard Fight


  • Box
    • Matte Sticker
    • Gloss Sticker, No Code
    • No Sticker, No Codes, shrinkwrap
    • Gloss Sticker, 1 Code
    • Shrinkwrap, 1 Code
    • 2 Code
    • 3 Code, Hangtab
    • 3 Code, No Hangtab, No REV-A
    • 3 Code, No Hangtab, REV-A
  • Cartridge
    • 5 Screw, No Code, Circle Seal
    • 5 Screw, CAN Code, Circle Seal
  • Manual
    • No Code, TM
    • No Code, No TM











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Someone asked me to bring my A game.

Name: Abadox

Variants: Oval Seal


  • Cartridge - NES-A3-USA
  • Manual - NES-A3-USA
  • Box - NES-A3-USA
  • Nintendo Power Subscription Card - PMG-PT-USA
  • California Games Poster - MIL-NES-US
  • Flat Black Dust Sleeve
  • Styrofoam Block
  • Baggie




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