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Pokemon Snap - is this a reseal?


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Hi all - was digging through some things and found this today. I'm not sure if it's resealed - it was bought new from TRU given the sticker, but they may have opened it in store (or accepted a return) and then resealed it, given the back seal? The corner has a small hole in the wrap. What do you think? I'm not that familiar with how certain N64 games were sealed, or I've forgotten 😉 Thanks in advance for your help & opinions.




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On 8/12/2020 at 5:10 PM, SealedWholesale said:

looks legit to me make sure to check the box flap hinge for  creasing if it's been opened once it will show

Appreciate the reply. I don't see any creasing.

I see on eBay sealed copies that have the regular seam on the back, but also a few that have a seal like this. So maybe they were two different batches of games? Does anyone know of other N64 games sealed this way?

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