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[WTB] wtb: famicom namco 163 games - specific carts


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wtb: famicom namco 163 games - specific carts

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howdy, I'm looking for namco 163 carts, but specifically carts with ICs and not globtop roms. I haven't found a way to distinguish carts visually, but they can be identified by weight.

here's a potential list:

short carts:

Dokuganryuu Masamune
Hydlide 3: Yami Kara no Houmonsha
Kaijuu Monogatari ** known to exist with IC
King of Kings
Sangokushi: Chuugen no Hasha

these should weigh 60g+. any less than 60g (probably less than 55g) are most likely globtops

tall carts:

Battle Fleet
Famista '90 ** known to exist with IC
Juvei Quest
Megami Tensei II: Digital Devil Story
Sangokushi II: Haou no Tairiku

these should weigh 65g+ (I think). anything less than 60g is probably a globtop, based on the one famista 90 I have weighing 57g.

additionally these may be of interest to me, but I don't know what expected weight should be

Dragon Ninja
Youkai Douchuuki

if anyone has carts they are not interested in selling I would be interested in weights anyway for survey purposes.

will pay better than ebay prices for suitable carts, and have several copies of kaiju monogatari if you would like to swap for yours.

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