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How far can you throw a stereo spectacular?


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Before there was stereo (let alone quad or the various incarnations of surround) there was - well mono (and its offspring HiFi) The first commercial stereo LPs were released in 1958* and most record labels immediately released sampler albums which featured cuts from their early catalogue of stereo recordings.

RCA's release was entitled "Bob and Ray Throw a Stereo Spectacular". 

Bob and Ray were a popular comedy team back then they were known as having a satirical edge to their humor.  What was unusual about this album was that Bob and Ray recorded 5 skits featuring stereo effects amongst the more traditional songs.  They are kinda fun to listen to today since stereo was a new concept for the vast majority of people.

Here are the 5 skits (in order as found on the LP) (these are from a complete recording - so just go to the next video clip when each ends).



*There was a really obscure stereo lp system that came on the scene in 1954.  It consisted of two separate tracks - one on the outer edge of the record and one on the inner edge. It required a special turntable with  a double cartridge system.  Here is a video that shows it in action:


download (52).jpeg

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