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Launching My First Game and Looking for Sound Design Resources!


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Hey everyone!  I have no idea what I'm doing but somehow I'm at the point where I'm ready to launch my first game! It's a super casual bullet hell that was born 100% out of a dare by a friend to make a game using only a single art asset. GRAVY TRAIN FOR SURE. To be honest, I'm just kind of doing this for the experience so if anyone wants to check it out, I'll be more than happy to drop some keys. This is only a hobby so it's whatever if it ever makes a sale. 

One thing I do want to collab on for future projects though is sound design. I realized through this whole thing that I may in fact be completely tone deaf lol. Anyone know any good resources for connecting with a sound designer?



Circles of Hell 2020-07-14 11-55-24.gif

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Cool looking game, bullet hell games are my specialty, I own a crap load of them.  I do enjoy its minimalist style.  I did notice there is a sort of upgrade system that is mentioned no where in the add or the trailer.  Make sure to include that somewhere in the advertisement and trailer, people love upgrading.  I also notice you say it goes on literally forever.  I would suggest making a "campaign" of a certain number of levels, so people can feel accomplished, and then go onto the "endless" mode if they still want some more action.  Just a few suggestions, looks good. 

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