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Donations open for Contest and Event prizes!


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Events Team · Posted

Dear Sages gamers,

You're thinking about contributing to the new forum, but don't want your hard earned cash to go in the corrupted hands of the administration bureaucracy? Well, the Event Team staff just forced the system to open a donations option to contribute specifically for future prizes for the Site-Run Events of the site. All you have to do is to go to the Store and Donations tab, where you'll locate the option for donation to Contest and Event prize at the bottom. Enjoy this new feature at your own financial risk😉


Disclaimer : The Event Team Staff also encourage donations to the main site, we're joking around with that corruption BS......... Yes guys, I was forced by Gloves to put that in here, I think greed is getting the best out of him. Seriously, this guy clearly needs clinical helps, he's a total workaholic and megalomaniac, but I can't tell you more on here, he's watching us 24/24 hours...

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