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FS/FT Tons of Saturn games for sale + more


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Hey guys, I've got a bunch of games for sale/trade.  Prices do not include shipping, but I will ship worldwide. Most games are in decent/good condition, anything with major wear I marked. I also posted a list of things I am looking for at the bottom of the page if you are interested in trading (or selling- if I don't have anything you are looking for.) I haven't sold anything on here yet but was a user on Nintendoage with the same username. Thanks for looking.

Saturn North America releases:

Hang On GP- loose - $5 SOLD
Herc’s Adventures- loose-  $100
Magic Carpet- loose- $5-SOLD
Mortal Kombat Trilogy- no manual- $100 SOLD
Panzer Dragoon- game & manual- $60
Panzer Dragoon II Zwei- game & manual- $65 SOLD
Sega Touring Car Champion- complete- $50
Sonic 3D Blast- complete- $50-SOLD
Spot Goes To Hollywood- no manual - $20
Theme Park- loose scratched- $5
Three Dirty Dwarves- loose- $45 SOLD
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 - loose - $20 SOLD



Saturn Japan:

3D Lemmings- $5
Alien Trilogy - $20
Baku Baku Animal-no manual- $5
Biohazard- no manual- $8
Burning Rangers- $30 SOLD
Capcom Generation 3- sunfaded- $15 SOLD
Chaos Control- $5 SOLD
Daytona USA Circuit Edition- $15
DecAthlete- $5
Hattrick Hero S- $10-SOLD
Fantasy Zone- $15 SOLD
Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball - $5
Guardian Heroes- sunfaded manual- $30 SOLD
Jewels of the Oracle- $5 SOLD
Kaitei Daisensou- $55-SOLD
Kisuisyoudensetu Asutaru (Astral)- $65 SOLD
Masters Harukanaru Augusta 3- $5
Metal Slug- $60 SOLD
Myst- $5
Ninpen Manmaru- $80 SOLD
Outlaws of the Last Dynasty- $10
Pebble Beach Golf Links -$5
Race Drivin’- slight sunfade- $5 SOLD
Sea Bass Fishing- $5
Sonic Jam- $30-SOLD
Street Racer Extra- $35
Super Real Mahjong Graffiti- $15
Super Real Mahjong Part 7- $15
Super Robot Wars F- $5
Super Tempo- $400
Taito Chase HQ Plus- $80 SOLD
The Hyper Golf- $5-SOLD
The King of Boxing- $5
The Lost World Jurassic Park -$5
Thunder Force Gold Pack 1- $50 SOLD
Toshiden S- $5 SOLD
Toshiden URA- $5 SOLD
Vampire Hunter- $10 SOLD
Virtua Fighter Kids- $8 SOLD
Virtual Casino- $5
Virtual Volleyball- $5
Wizardry VI & VII- rough- $5
World Cup 98 Road to Win- $5
World Heroes Perfect- $15-SOLD
World Series Baseball II- $5
Zap Snowboarding Trix- $5-SOLD




Dreamcast- $100 for the lot




Atari Anniversary- $5 SOLD
Beyblade- case is rough- FREE SOLD
Captain Commando- light mark on disc, plays fine- $140
Dune 2000- $10 SOLD
Irritating Stick- $12
Nuclear Strike- $5 SOLD
ONE- rough case- $5 SOLD
Space Jam- $5 SOLD
Street Racer- $5-SOLD
X Files- no manual- $5 SOLD



Playstation 2:

Cabelas Dangerous Hunts- untested rough- FREE SOLD
Commandos 2- $5- SOLD
La Pucelle Tactics- no manual, case is cracked- $5 SOLD
Manhunt- $15

Need for Speed Pro Street- untested, rough- FREE SOLD



PC FX & Engine:

Battle Heat- sealed- $50
Chip Chan Kick- w/ spine & registration card - $350
Team Innocence- sealed- $50
Break In- $10
Minesweeper- sealed- $10 SOLD




Game Gear Lot- $30 SOLD
Oregon Trail Handheld- New- $15

Things I am looking for:


NES Games:

Flintstones 2
Powerblade 2

Other Games:
Baseball Stars Color NGPC
River City Girls Switch ESRB Version

Non Gaming Stuff:
Heroscape Figures/Terrain
Micro Machines
Pokemon TCG Holos/Rares from first few sets

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