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Kaboom! - It is the end of the world as we know it!


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This list is of post apocalypse movies - it excludes aliens, zombies, vampires etc. -  the main focus is on things that could actually happen with what we are sure are likely possible - disease, economic collape, nuclear war etc,  

Here is my list (by year):

The War Game (1966) An early BBC production that uses a black and white documentary style      format.
A Boy and His Dog (1975) If you like black humor this is the film for you.  Early appearance of Don Johnson whose costar is a telepathic dog.
Fukkatsu No Hi (1980) (Also known as Virus) Impressive Japanese production with an international cast.  Try to watch the full 156 minute version - most of the released versions were truncated horribly.  May seem a bit dated these days.
The Road Warrior (1981) Mad Max returns - the favorite of mine on this list.
The Day After (1983) TV movie starring Jason Robards that made a stab at showing the results of nuclear war on everyday Americans.  Pretty sobering.
Testament (1983) A public television production that shows a family and the suburb they live in in a slow painful downward spiral after a nuclear war,
Threads(1984) British production about a post nuclear war England (for several years) - makes the Day After look like a picnic.
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985) Mad Max yet again in a campy humorous effort.
Carriers (2009) I only recently discovered this little gem - a low budget effort with a deadly virus on the loose. The ending is somewhat silly but getting there is interesting.
The Day (2011) Another low budget gem that is a nitty gritty depiction of a day in the life of five survivors of an unspecified catastrophe. 
Here is a trailer for The Day:
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