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FS little bit of everything


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imgur album with pics

lots of stuff for lots of systems. contents and condition vary, please refer to album, i don't want to rehost everything here.

everything negotiable, will combine shipping.

looking for SCD keio flying squadron


$65 SNES Knights of the Round


$250 N64 DK64 banana controller stick is loose

$200 N64 Tom and Jerry in Fist of Furry sealed


$140 GC Chibi-Robo!

$55 GC Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes

$170 GC Pokemon Colosseum bonus disc

$140 GC Rally Championship

$18 WII The King of Fighters Collection the Orochi Saga

$10 WII New U Mind Body Yoga & Pilates Workout

$145 WII 2 for 1 Power Pack Kawasaki Jet Ski & Summer Sports 2 Island Sports Party


$300 model 2 sega gen/cd combo, with rental case. proper ac adapter, rf, one 3 button controller. cd fuse fixed, may need battery service. will separate case


$45 DC Plasma Sword Nightmare of Bilstein

$40 DC Power Stone book is cover only, pages go, rental sticker over disc

$30 DC Street Fighter Alpha 3 back cover is a reprint

$45 DC Grandia II


$110 PS1 Lunar 2 Eternal Blue no outer sleeve/art book

$110 PS1 Thousand Arms

$90 PS1 Persona 2 Eternal Punishment case and bonus disc only


$110 PS2 Def Jam Fight for NY

$90 PS2 Echo Night Beyond

$18 PS2 .hack//GU Vol.1 Rebirth

$65 PS2 Mobile Suit Gundam Gundam vs Zeta Gundam


$95 PS3 Demon's Souls Deluxe Edition


$45 XBOX Call of Cthulhu Dark Corners of the Earth

$135 XBOX Futurama

$65 XBOX Jet Set Radio Future

$10 XBOX Shenmue II


$30 X360 World of Outlaws Sprint Cars

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