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When are PS4 scratches too bad?

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I am new to PS4. 

With PS1 and PS2 discs, I’ve gotten into the habit of holding the disc up to the light and thoroughly inspecting the bottom to see if any light comes through the scratches on the label. If I see any light come through, I will pass on the disc. This is because on a lot of those old PS1/2 discs, the data layer was right there under the disc label, so if there was any damage done to the label, there’s a good chance there’s damage to the data..

Is the same true with PS4 discs?  For some reason I feel that discs of today are more durable than back then.

I got a bunch of PS4 games on the Gamestop  50% off sale the other day and upon inspection, a few games have pinhole label defects that light shines through. It seems so minor that I wonder whether it’s actually an issue



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