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2 hours ago, VinnieOgames said:

Can I ask you why this and not the neo SD pro? I actually own the dark soft MVS multi but I hear the SD pro now does neo geo cd games in addition. Dark soft Cart does not...

I have the NeoSD and am very happy with it.  I could double check the CD if needed.  Are they any worthwhile CD exclusives?

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Is it a neo SD pro? Or just the standard? I would consider doing a direct swap for a neo SD pro based upon my experience with the other terra onion products. 

The dark soft cart is excellent. Im sure it has its advantages because that guy REALLY knows his stuff. That being said, really wish it had the capability to play the neogeo CD games as well. I always try to go for the one stop shop. 

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The NeoGeoSD Pro by terraonion is currently only available for AES and not MVS. I believe there is a MVS version coming, but I suspect Terraonion is pretty busy with the upcoming MODE release.


I have heard good things about the Darksoft MVS cart and do not really care about NGCD.

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Ah I see. Sounds like I should not take my version for granted then. Also, darksoft is j a singular genius. I’m sure he can add the functionality if he wanted to but who knows how long that will take and if it will ever happen at all.

i think you’re right. Neo geo cd was basically a crappier budget version of neo geo with terrible load times. But there are some wrinkles in the software library that I would really like to experience as a gamer. The exclusive stuff.. the stuff we were never meant to play! Ah, forbidden fruits.... mmmmmmmm.....

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