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I got a musical idea ! (Game music related)

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Hi guys! 🙂 Like the title says, I go this idea that I would like to share and I would like to have your point about it. Also, I will list the songs I have in mind because that the ones I've worked over the years.

So straight to the point, I have in mind to do ''something'' with these songs. Just ''cover'' or ''redone'' is a bit boring unless maybe if it's a orchestral rendition could have been fun, but it stays the same songs and it's not what I've done anyway. It pretty much sounds 9 to 14 bits heheh I did not try to necessary fits to the original sounds, but it's similar. So what I'm thinking that I could do different is... I could slowdown my versions of the chosen songs to a certain extend and ask a musical collaborator of mine that is not and never been a gamer at all, to remix them as he feel. This way, he could take the songs upfront without any consideration of their background and would, maybe, focus on expected parts and come out with some trippy version of songs we all know ! What do you think about it ? Here's my selection of songs and I cannot do them all because I don't have the money to do so. The title might not be exact but they will be in due time. 

1 DRAGON SPIRIT - Title Screen

2 YO NOID - Stage 13


4 MONSTER PARTY - Dark World

5 ASTYANAX - Redwood

6 XEXYZ - Level 1


8 AIR FORTRESS - Level 1 Outside

9 MEGA MAN 3 - Shadow Man Theme

10 DYNOWARZ - Title Screen

11 BAD DUDES - Stage 2

12 IMAGE FIGHT - Final Mission

13 DRAGON SPIRIT - Area 9 Boss


15 CASTLEVANIA - Stage 1

16 YO NOID - Stage 1

17 LITTLE SAMSON - Dragon's Theme

VoilĂ !




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12 minutes ago, ApebitMusic said:


So, to summarize, you're thinking a cover-compilation of sorts?

If so, I'd be down to contribute a track or 2!


Hey @ApebitMusic 🙂  Hope you're doing fine.

No, not a compilation, not this time. hum, it is in a way, but with only from my project and my versions of the songs torn apart and broke down by somebody that will not know that he's doing remake of videogame songs and he will just try to bring them elsewhere and add harmonic or what else, some guitars of course!  Personally, I think it's a good idea of a concept just to hear new rendition of some of these songs that personally I like and that would go through the creative filter of somebody that will have ''no clue''. And I wondering what you guys think about this idea ?!

And from the list of songs, I'm just asking, which ones would you prefer to hear ? To help me decide which one to do. I'm gonna put money on the project, so If I can choose the right songs or most appreciated songs of this list.

Rightn now, I'm pushing some personal projects after we're gonna check for a compilation 🙂 I don't forget  you buddy ! The name's so cool !

and from that point of view, which songs would you like to be re-renditionned ?!

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16 hours ago, DoctorEncore said:

I think Balloon Fight, Air Fortress, Bad Dudes, Image Fight,  Shadowgate Entryway, and of course Castlevania would all be great options.

Let us know how it turns out!


1 hour ago, ApebitMusic said:

These would be my picks!!



11 BAD DUDES - Stage 2


15 CASTLEVANIA - Stage 1

Of course I will let you know 🙂 I must finish what I started first and it can take some months. There's 2 songs left from a pretty heavy (complex) and long project called EXODD then another project which will be songs composed and demo recorded back in 2000-02. NEVER GIVE UP KIDS !! The second project is less money, time and energy consuming so I will be able to place a song or two of this nameless NES homage project 🙂 which I totally don't know how it will comes out so I think it should start like that. ...and right now I can see some favorites showing up and out of the lot and it's pretty much unanimous. 😄

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