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100% CIB Genesis Titles (Musha, Punisher, DD 5, Cardboard Battletoads)

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I'm auctioning off my final batch of CIB Genesis games.  Pretty much everything here is 100% CIB and are in fantastic condition. I've photographed any spots of wear.  There's some truly hard to find stuff here:

- Super Fighter Team original clamshell releases (Beggar Prince, Legend of Wukong, and Star Odyssey)
- I have both clamshell releases of Beggar Prince (original art and new cover art)
- Pier Solar USA Classic Edition (still sealed and with original shipping envelope from China)
- Super Fighter Team cardboard releases (Magic Girl and Cascade) - SFT no longer sells physical copies of their games
- John Madden Football Championship Edition (harder to find Mail Order release)
- Battletoads cardboard
- High Seas Havoc
- Double Dragon V with tattoo and poster
- Doom Troopers with limited game card and poster
- Fighting Masters with Collectors Cards
- Raiden Trad new cover art release
- MUSHA with Seismic reg card
- Kaneko Air Buster Glove
- Comix Zone with promo CD
- Comix Zone promotional notepad (super rare)
- Sonic 2 Cardboard
- Punisher with tattoo and capcom reg card


Some really top notch items that hopefully will find new homes!

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