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NES early Konami insert


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Looking for some insight on the time frame for these two inserts. One has the circle seal on the front and printed in Japan on the lower right on the back. The other obviously does not. The inside contents are somewhat the same being the games but the artwork changed.

Reason for the question is I have a hangtab castlevania and want to know which is the correct insert for it. I also have what I think is a first print or so double dribble and it came with the circle seal version so I would imagine the no seal, no printed in Japan insert is correct for castlevania but wanted some opinions or confirmations if possible. Thanks in advance for the help.





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This insert has always been somewhat of a mystery. KON-NES-US is the code Konami used for all of its inserts with the most common being “10 ways to Heat up” which was confirmed to appear in Double Dribble in 3 screw round seal. Double dribble was released September 1987 so the version on wizard is most likely not the first print. (Per wizard list Double Dribble has a KON-NES-USA but I believe this was a typo) The insert with “Congratulations” KON-NES-US could have only been used in Castlevania, Rush Attack, Track n Field, Stinger and Double Dribble all released in April-September 1987.  The none coded version most likely was Gradius insert which was published in December 2016. 

It's also possible the none coded version could have been used in April 1987 for Rush Attack and Track & Field but I doubt Castlevania which I believe was released in May 1987. 

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