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FO/FT: Gotcha! Non-REV A box, NES CIBs, XBox demo discs


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Thanks for checking my thread!

I don't know how to price a lot of this stuff, so shoot me an offer.

  • Gotcha!
    • Non-REV-A
    • Box only
    • fair condition, check pic below
  • Super Mario Bros 2
    • Complete
    • Box in rough shape
  • Championship Bowling
    • Complete
  • Jeopardy!
    • Complete
  • Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf
    • CIB
  • Track & Field II
    • complete
  • 10-Yard Fight
    • non-hangtab
    • Box only
  • Blades of Steel
    • Complete
  • Tecmo Super Bowl
    • CIB
  • Castlevania II Simon's Quest
    • IB
  • John Elway's Quarterback
    • Complete
  • Duck Hunt
    • hangtab punched
    • CB
  • NES Play Action Football
    • complete
  • Wayne Gretzky Hockey
    • White Kings jersey
    • Box
    • insert
  • Anticipation
    • complete
  • AD&D Hillsfar
    • Box only
  • Bart vs. the World
    • CIB
    • map

I have a bunch of Xbox Magazine demo discs, both in the sleeve and the slim DVD case, that I want to get rid of.  Let me know which ones you're looking for.  I'm asking $2 per disc in the slim case, and $.50 each for the ones in the sleeve.



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