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Pageant Soft and Sega's Tetris

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I honestly feel it can be really weird sometimes how things work out, and this is one of those examples. Yesterday I had sorted out and posted a bunch of Sega Mega Drive bootlegs for sale on VGS, and I had mentioned that back in the day, I felt there were two major "lines" of bootlegs, with the "A-Series" line not being as interesting. Let's flash forward to today.

Today I was sorting out more extras, preparing to list them here, and I popped in one of my Sega Tetris bootlegs. Now to begin with, I'd love to know how bootleggers got ahold of that code to begin with, similar to how such an obscure, unlicensed Famicom release as Super Maruo ended up getting bootlegged back in the day. For titles so rare or obscure, how ever did these guys manage to obtain the code? 

Anyways, I noticed some very interesting copyright notices when testing out this Tetris bootleg. One copyright to Pageant Soft, another to Dr Pepper Studio (Dr Pepper isn't even readily available or popular here that I know of), then there's the credit to a few names , and a code. The names are obviously Taiwanese.

Doing a quick search on Pageant Soft brought up a Japanese list of games, apparently Pageant Soft is the company behind the "A-Series" bootleg Sega games, which I had mentioned earlier.

Just thought I'd kick off this discussion and let it go wherever people want to take it. I find this stuff quite interesting though.





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