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Replacing a PSP battery?

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Does anyone have any experience with the aftermarket batteries?  I really only know what's available on Amazon (Insten brand), and while it has decent reviews, I'm hoping for some more information.  I've been told to avoid these 3rd party batteries because they're often jank and don't last.  Are there other options besides just using the AC cord all the time?  I saw a couple reddit posts about replacing the cell in the OEM battery.  Apparently, drones use similar batteries and you can solder a new cell into an old PSP housing.  Any thoughts on that idea?

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I was in the same predicament 2 weeks ago, I found out about the "battery mod", that is, removing the UMD drive and putting a bigger, battery.

I did just that, Now my PSP 2000 is rocking a galaxy s4 battery, and giving me about 8 hours and a half of play time.

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There's a brand called Insten.  I had to resort to a lot of shopping around a year back when I had found a PSP down the street at a garage sale as it didn't have one (bloated and died, so pitched.)  Most of them on the market are awful and don't hold a good time for a charge or total charges, and while you can find OEM batteries that haven't plumped up, they likely won't last long before they due because of the age and how Sony made them.  Insten though you can find on amazon and ebay, and a few ratings I could find (off the plug posts on amazon
"shopper" reviews found it had the same or nearly the same charge as an original battery and was consistent.  They are made for the 3 various models of system that use UMDs and don't cost much.

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