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Animal Crossing: NH - Trade/Touch Trade Buy/Sell Thread


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After realizing how easy it is to touch trade for items you want in the catalog, decided to create a separate thread for all of those that are seeking items to help it be found easier. The fees seem to be pretty high on other sites for just touch trade and sometimes you have to worry about trusting that person whether they back out or don't follow through, so let's try to help one another out in our community on VGS as we do have quite a lot of players right now. Of course, we can give each other tips, but helping out one another in items, fossils, and fruits would work out evenly! 🙂
Just create a post here and list what you want and what you have you can give to touch trade for the catalog that might be high interest items and items up for trade such as fossils and fruits. Remember to update your post and remove what you have obtained or don't have anymore. You can also buy/sell if you have stuff you don't really need anymore. Let's see how this goes.

Also, to keep the thread cluttered from tons of replies, PM the person if you have what they are seeking for instead of posting here or start a new thread for it. Any other discussions not relating to trading keep it in the original thread here:                               

Note: Bugs and fishes cannot be traded, so do not include those.


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Seeking for touch trade:

Pinball Machines - Brown, Blue, and Black

Drumset - Any color *PENDING*

Arcade - Combat/Blue one

Basketball Hoop - Any color

50 in. Wall TV

Billiards - Any color

Seeking fossils:

Triceratop skull

Deinonychus torso and skull

Parasaur tail


For Trade

I have all the fruits and plenty of it, so if you need a certain fruit just let me know!

Fossils for trade:





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