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Hello all.

I don't want to bore you but I want you to understand where I'm coming from before I give any detail on the sale.  My wife has a 15-year history of bizarre illness and sensitivity which has, on more than one occasion, necessitated us basically spending all our savings and going into debt due to medical bills.  She is still not 40 years old but has nearly died more than once.  (You wouldn't know that if you met her today.)  Thankfully we eventually figured out that pharma / traditional US medicine was not really going to help and found alternatives that have actually worked to alleviate conditions and significantly improve her health.  Most of what we have found that helps her are adjustments to diet and environment, along with some supplemental treatments.  Insurance doesn't pay for any of that stuff, and as of this year despite my working two jobs and also taking side work late at night (she is at home, homeschooling our three children and trying to stay sane), we couldn't even afford subsidized insurance because of how little benefit we were receiving from it.

This year, just after we dumped the insurance, another (new) condition cropped up which has already required an ER visit for my wife.  Afterward, in assessing what we have changed (and to some degree fixed / cured) and what we hadn't yet looked into, we discovered that the air quality of our home - which is where all five of us spend the majority of our time, between her homeschooling and myself working from home - is problematic and likely contributing not only to her issues but to some other conditions I and the children have been experiencing in the last year or so.  Getting these issues actually resolved, permanently, is going to require the better part of our life savings in addition to some borrowed money.  Talking to others with chronic problems who have had similar work done in their homes has persuaded me that it will be worth this investment / risk to move ahead with it.

I am in the midst of a great deal of effort to try to address the financial issues that my family will be caused by this, including studying / cramming other tech stacks to prepare to interview for higher-paying jobs (one of the things I do now is software dev but I am not paid for it like I might be because of the size of the company I work for and their scope of work); despite the cash, time, and energy spent in acquiring my game collections over a number of years, I have reached the point with these health problems in my household where I have decided to begin selling possessions off to try to stay out of even more debt, as picking up a better job is not guaranteed but my expenses, given my wife and three young children (not to mention inflation outpacing my capped pay), are guaranteed to increase.

Before I start parting this out I wanted to see if there might be any buyers interested in taking the whole thing at some kind of discount.  If there is interest I will prepare a detailed list.

My collection isn't huge but it isn't small either; for someone to take all of it I think it would be most appropriate to come pick it up in-person.  (I could bring it out to the Atlanta, Chattanooga, or Asheville metro areas for this purpose - I live way off the beaten path.)

PriceCharting doesn't have 100% of what's in my collection logged - there are a few duplicates, for example - but it has most of it, and present value there is about $6300.  It's entirely NES / SNES games, NES and SNES console, and a number of controllers and peripherals.


Many of the games (the better part of the NES collection) are CIB, and all the CIB games have box protectors.  All the non-CIB games have black sleeves (NES) or OEM plastic protector sleeves (SNES).  My NES console also has the internal contact mod (so you don't press the games down, you just slide them in).  SNES console doesn't look pristine, some yellowing etc., but it's functional.  I keep my stuff in great playing condition because I love these games - everything I own has at least had one really good cleaning.

If someone is interested in making an offer to take it all - and I would include a small Sony Trinitron TV into the bundle, as I have no use for it if I sell this collection - please send me a message.  If I get no interest at this level I will likely start parting it out but I would love to avoid that just due to the additional time, money, and legwork involved in all the separate shipping.  We are really strapped for time here already.  Please don't lowball this, I will not respond - I did own many of these games in a childhood collection but lost them all (parents sold / gave away) and I have had to re-collect all this stuff at a significant premium.

Thank you for your interest, and for reading.  Sorry to post such a long thread for what is (possibly) a simple sale but felt I needed to contextualize it.

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Items sold.
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