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Super Mario Land registration card


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Seen this listing which I am guessing is a first print since it includes a registration card and an early Game Boy poster (later versions of this poster have more games and the promos for the accessories are smaller) : 


I've seen a bunch of different combinations for inserts on SML and as far as I can tell there's never anything that distinguishes the boxes, it's not like they started marking them REV-A or something, so I don't think there's any way to distinguish various "prints" of this game. They did eventually start printing them as player's choice but before that started it seems like they had at least two different prints, the first with the registration card like this, then later with a different poster and a Nintendo Power insert. I'm also not certain if the early prints ever included consumer precautions booklets. Can anyone shed more light on this? Were there other Game Boy games that ever came with registration cards? 

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