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FS/FT: RGB Modded IFU w/Coregrafx and RAD2X HDMI Cable


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NEC PC Engine RGB Modded Interface Unit Bundle with RAD2X HDMI cable, no SCART needed, this is direct to HDMI.

RGB Modded Interface Unit w/Lid
PCE CoreGrafx System w/Matching Controller
Aftermarket Power Supply
RAD2X Mini HDMI Cable w/HDMI adapter

Looking for PayPal $230

All it needs is a CDROM2 unit to assemble into the full PCETron unit. Even without it, it functions fully as a RGB enabled NEC PC Engine




Chrono Trigger Box (8.5 or better)



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That's right

8 minutes ago, Deadeye said:

👀  Very appealing  

Clarifying one point.  The interface unit is the one RGB modded and not the Coregrafx console.  Correct?

That's correct. This makes both Coregrafx and CDROM units(should you be inclined to get one) very modular. 

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