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WTB: Gamecube and Game Boy games; Final 4 N64 CIBs to complete the set! *5/29/24*


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Hi all! I’m looking for the below games complete in box/case. Thanks!


- Aggressive Inline Skating

- Beyond Good and Evil

- F Zero GX

- Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventure

- Mario Kart double dash 

- Pikmin 2

- Star Wars rogue leader: rogue squadron II

- Super Monkey Ball

- Super monkey ball 2

- Timesplitters 2

Game Boy:

- Fortress of Fear

- Tetris


- Pokemon Crystal

- Link's Awakening DX


- Pokemon Emerald

- Pokemon Ruby

- Pokemon Firered

- Pokemon Leafgreen

N64 CIBs:

  1. Body Harvest
  2. NBA Hangtime
  3. Pokemon Stadium 2
  4. Turok - Rage Wars
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