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Memories of childhood toy in unlikely places/ways.


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I collect chess sets - one of the ones I got recently is this little guy:


Nothing super unusual - I have a lot of small metal sets - I had just not seen this particual brand before.

When I got it I found that the side of the box had this printed on it:

Manufactured by 
P.O. Box 486 Paoli Penna.
(The first letter is torn off - so I assumed it was a J.  That is also a strange abbreviation for Pennsylvania)
Elsewhere on the box it says "ANOTHER SLINKY TOY".
So with a bit of digging I found that the inventor of the Slinky was Richard T. James and that he and his wife set up a company to manufacture the Slinky line in PA.  They also made other toys I guess (or at least chess sets like mine).
I had Slinkys when I was little - never could keep the things from getting bent.
Any random appearances of toys from your childhood?
(And now I have that GD slinky tune stuck in my  head - it is worse the the oscar mayer one........)
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