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SOLD - nothing available here now


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This lot is SOLD!

Hello all!  Just getting rid of some duplicates and hoping to find a better home for them.  Due to the condition of some of these, I'm pricing quite low.  I would like the buyer to take the whole lot and I don't intend to part this out as it isn't large.  All games have been cleaned (best I am able) and tested, verified working in my own NES.  These came from a couple of different very dirty lots of games and I vigorously cleaned them as well as can be expected, I think.  You wouldn't know now how dirty they once were.  🙂  Labels are all good-to-excellent condition.  Edit: See for yourself!  Pictures added.

Selling the following NES titles:

Metroid (silver, w/manual) - cart in VG condition, contacts immaculate, manual G+ condition and no tears
Legendary Wings (cart only) - cart in VG condition (after extensive cleaning), contacts OK but could use some stronger treatment than what I gave them.  It does play though.
Kings of the Beach (cart only) - cart in VG condition (after extensive cleaning), contacts excellent
Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants (cart only) - cart in OK condition, clean, but some mild abuse seems to have caused dishing on the top that resulted in some curved discoloration in the plastic on the sides (my best guess)

All games have a black sleeve (Metroid has a Nintendo-branded red and black sleeve).  Asking $25 shipped for the lot, shipping only to the continental US.  Normally I negotiate, but in this case, please don't contact me trying to further low-ball this as it's already quite low because I want these to move (approximate PriceCharting value for these as of my posting is $45 or so before shipping).

Payment via Paypal only, PM for details.  Thanks for looking!

By the way, I was a user with good feedback on NA (ask mail_bag and Bonanza125, I bought from them and others) and I have great feedback on eBay as well (username 'jesusandmike').






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