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Box Art - A Gaming Documentary Kickstarter Failed? (succeeded!)


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Did anyone else back this?  I'm curious because I keep getting emails saying discs have shipped and tracking numbers have been sent, but I haven't gotten jack.  It seems to be the case with a lot of other people too.  Anyway I'm wondering if any other backers have received tracking info or anything yet.  My BS sense is tingling.

Just to be clear, I understand that sometimes kickstarters fail.  That's part of it, disappointing as it may be.  If this one has failed, however, then I think Rob needs to come clean and just let everybody know. 

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I just wanted to come back to this and let everyone know who read it that I did get my stuff.  Rob did come through and everything is great.  He seemed to be having a lot of issues with shipping for some reason, and it was such uncommon problems like tracking not showing up that I was skeptical.  Everything is good, however, and I would gladly back another project by Rob and company.  Again, I understand that sometimes kickstarters don't work out and that's OK, but in this case, it was a success.  Mods feel free to lock this thread, thanks.

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