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FO One Day Only: fcgamer mixed box


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Hey guys, I'm heading on holiday soon, hope to pick up a few extra dollars before I leave, so Ive been putting together a mixed box of stuff.


1. this offer is good until I head to bed tonight, maybe about 1:00 or 2:00 est.

2. I need immediate payment, otherwise I won't be able to ship to you tomorrow.

3. Shipping is $30 worldwide.

Please make a public offer here, and if you want to make a higher offer later, please do so in a new post.

I'll keep updating the post throughout the day as I find more things to go in the box.

As I'm ready to wrap things up for the night, I'll make a final post and after that, the sales window is done.

Thanks for the interest!

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Contents thus far:

Halo 4 soundtrack

PS-Z controller (untested)

Kirby cartoon disks 1,2,3,4

10 in 1 digital pet

Loose PCBs, 2 X Famicom, 1 X Sega MD

Sega Game Gear games (sonic and tails, sonic 2, rayearth, yuu yuu fighter ii)

Game King (works, has three games built in, scratched screen)

Game Boy games (samurai spirit)

N64 Mario kart 64





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Famicom Mini (bootleg)

Gameboy (untested)

Pokemon model (new)

Mortal Kombat vcd

Secret of mana bootleg cd

Hong Kong Digimon manual

Gameboy digital monster 6 CIB (I can't get it working, maybe you can. Either way, a rare unlicensed original)

PC engine rastan saga 2

PC engine unknown title (box and instructions only)





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