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WTB Retrozone / RestroUSB & Sachen NES


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Still looking for a few more games.


Retrozone / RetroUSB:


Brony Blaster

Dragon Scroll






TC-001 Jovial Race

TC-006 Twin Eagle

TC-011 Challenge of the Dragon

TC-012 The World of Card Games

TC-013 Poker II

TC-019 Chinese Checkers

TC-023 Popo Team

TC-025 Silver Eagle

TC-026 Q Boy

TC-028 Jurassic Boy

TC-032 Zhong Guo Da Heng, aka Millionaire II and Chuugoku Taitei


SA-002 The Penguin and Seal

SA-003 Middle School English

SA-005 Colorful Dragon

SA-008 The Mahjong World

SA-010 Pyramid II

SA-011 Pipe V

SA-017 Locksmith

SA-018 Poker Mahjong

SA-020 Tasac

SA-021 Final Combat

SA-024 Tough Cop

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