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Does a Famicom port of Ms Pacman exist?

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So I recently purchased a Ms Pacman Quarter Arcade cabinet from Numbskull, and am astounded by the level of care and detail going into this thing.

I been on a bit of a Ms Pacman bender, reading about the history of GCC corp and how this decisively American concept usurped Pacman's Japanese parent company Namco.

It appears in recent years since 2005-ish, Namco has been reluctant to license ports of Ms Pacman, and the underlying cause appears to be over the payment of royalties to GCC.

So I did some Google sleuthing, coming across this curious quote from wikipedia:

In 1993, Namco released their original port of Ms. Pac-Man in North America themselves, eight years after its original release in Japan.


Well the footnote for this article references a now dead nintendoage thread, pulled from archive.org:

Namco also ported Ms. Pac-Man to the Famicom in 1985; this version did not reach North America until 1993. Unlike the Tengen version, it was a straight port of the arcade game without any added features.


I am kind of at a loss here. Is there any factual basis that suggests Ms Pacman was ever released for Famicom in Japan? It may be plausible Namco developed something and chose to sit on it. Development appears rushed. There are a grand total of 8 levels accessible in the ROM, and another 8 beta levels accessible via Game Genie.


Maybe I am grasping at straws here. What was the first official port of Ms Pacman in Japan? Did the Genesis and SNES ports (based upon the Tengen NES release) get released on the Mega Drive or Super Famicom, respectively? The game appears to be a black sheep in Japan it seems.

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The game was not released officially on cartridge format for Famicom; only Pac-Man and Pac-Land were released for the Famicom officially.

Bootlegs of Ms. Pac-Man were released in places like Taiwan, South America, Central and Eastern Europe, etc in 60 pin format. These carts just contained the nes game code though, not some other version.

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